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Trinity Sunday - Cycle A

Exodus 34:4-9

“Do come along in our company… receive us as Your own.” (Exodus 34:9)

Who do I believe God is? How does my life reflect this belief?

Last year, while doing a meditation during which I imagined Jesus meeting me on a beach and asked Him questions, He gave me two images: one of a friend who had stood close to me, joyfully helping me with an ordinary task; another of a friend who is so loved, everyone lights up when he’s mentioned. The first was a reminder that God is closer than a brother, always lovingly walking right alongside me, helping, and delighting in my company. The second was a call to share more about Him with others.

Earlier this year, I spent time praying with two images: sitting on the floor alone with Jesus, touching His wounds; and going from place to place, opening windows and doors, telling about Him. Through this, I came to a deeper belief that God wants to bring healing (of lives, bodies, and souls) to everyone. In response, I began offering to pray over people through my work regularly, and to pray for more opportunities to share about God.

In John 3, the Pharisee Nicodemus comes to Jesus to ask who He is. Jesus describes who God is: out of His unconditional and sacrificial love for the world, He gave and sent His son, not to condemn but to heal anyone who believes.

In Exodus, Moses, a friend of God, is alone on the mountain when God announces Himself as “a merciful and gracious God, slow to anger and rich in kindness and fidelity.” In response, Moses asks God, “do come along in our company… pardon our wickedness… and receive us as Your own.”

Like Nicodemus, let’s keep coming to God, asking Him to reveal Himself to us more fully. Let us, like Moses, invite God to walk with us, and believe in His mercy and desire to enter into this broken world; invite Him into all areas of our lives. Ask Him to heal relationships, hearts, bodies, souls — the world. Let’s walk with God throughout our day, as with a close and trusted friend who has our back and whose love we never doubt. And, as we do so, let’s make the most of each chance to bring the Good News, healing, and love to those we encounter.

By Paula Lent


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