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Called & Gifted

God has called you to a unique mission in life. Discover your spiritual gifts to reveal that call. 

When you were baptized, you were given gifts of the Holy Spirit (charisms) that enable you to be a channel of God’s love, truth, beauty, and mercy for others. Discovering your charisms is key to living out your God-given mission and vocation in life. Called & Gifted is designed to help you learn about charisms and lead you through the process of discerning your own.


Join fellow young adults in a Workshop, which is the initial discernment step and includes video presentations, small group discussion, and a spiritual gifts inventory. Registration is required.

Called & Gifted Workshop

Friday, 7-9 pm &
Saturday, 8:30 am-5:15 pm
TBD Location

Cost: $20

Registration: TBD


Sean Allen


We are currently planning the details for the next offering.

Hear about it through our newsletter!

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