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Transfiguration of the Lord - Cycle A

Matthew 17: 1-9

“Jesus came and touched them… and when the disciples raised their eyes, they saw no one else but Jesus.” (Mt 17: 7-8)

The Transfiguration offers an opportunity to reflect on the glory and majesty of God, and the fact that He wants to be closely present with us in our daily lives.

In this passage, 3 disciples journeyed with Jesus up a mountain. Mountains were seen as places where Heaven and earth met: Moses ascended to meet with God, and descended from the encounters with a face shining so brightly with God’s radiance, the Israelites asked him to wear a veil.

While on the mountaintop, these disciples glimpsed God’s glory as Jesus was transfigured, shining like the sun. As the Father spoke loving words of His identity, they became afraid & fell prostrate.

But Jesus reached out and touched them. They raised their eyes, and saw just Him – their friend & rabbi with whom they had been journeying.

God is awe-inspiring; Jesus made Him approachable. Through the Holy Spirit, we can have an intimate personal relationship with Him.

I’m struck by the intimacy in this passage: the journey with the Lord, the personal revelation, the extension of His hands to touch.

Reflecting on my “moments felt closest to Christ” this past week, they’ve come in various forms: personal and communal prayers times; through times I’ve said “yes” to the Lord’s prompting to do something or respond to a need; through the love and presence of others who have accompanied or prayed with me – extending God’s hand, speaking His words and love into my life; and through just sitting and observing the Lord shining in others.

Life with Christ is demanding, sacrificial, purifying, and filled with more than we can imagine. He is constantly reaching out to touch us, inviting us to look up and meet His gaze of love. His Kingdom breaks through as Heaven & earth meet in our lives.

May the Holy Spirit give us new eyes to see God’s glory around us, and the sensitivity to be aware, receptive and responsive as He reaches towards us with love. May we be transfigured by encounters as we journey with Him and openly receive His grace, such that when others look at us they see only Jesus (2 Cor 3).



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