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Sixth Sunday of Easter - Cycle B

John 15:9-17

“It was not you who chose me, but I who chose you.” (John 15:16)

A year ago, when taking a beautiful Sunday walk, this verse spoke deeply into my life. I had decided to stop into a nearby church and felt called to ask Jesus what was on his mind. Almost immediately, John 15:16 came to my mind. Though I didn’t have a particular connection to this verse, it led to time spent at the feet of Jesus, pondering his words of unshakeable truth.

When you believe the lie that you are unwanted, Jesus speaks truth. Our lives are spent

chasing after the approval of others. And God allows us to do just that, for his humility would never force us to turn our love to Him. It is then, when all other love fails to satisfy, that we hear the voice which has been speaking to us all along, the one that chose to love us first. He chose to love you. He chose to love you knowing everything you would do that would break his heart. Until you believe that truth, nothing else matters. Before all else, we first need to be loved. It is in allowing yourself to be loved by love Himself that we come alive.

When you believe the lie that you will never love the way Jesus wants you to, He speaks truth. His love does not stop in you. The deeper your transformation, the more ready you are to pour that love out on others. He is teaching you of a love that sacrifices everything through living in the love of others. He is not just choosing you to be chosen; He is choosing you as a partner in love. He will teach you to be that love for every precious soul you have the gift of encountering.

When you believe the lie that you are too broken to be used for his glory, Jesus speaks truth. He speaks, “Whatever you ask the Father in my name he may give you.” Do you know how powerfully His love wants to work through you? It’s what led Him to say yes to the cross. When you have that kind of love in you, nothing is too great for Him to do through you. We are called to do things for his glory far greater than anything we thought possible.

You’ve been chosen for love. Live with unashamed boldness in that.


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