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Epiphany of the Lord - Cycle B

Matthew 2:1-12

“We saw his star at its rising and have come to do him homage.” (Matthew 2:2)

Our narration of the Epiphany, the revelation of Christ to the Gentiles, makes two stops. First, at the Magi’s persistent inquiry with Herod as to the whereabouts of the newborn king, and second their awe-struck and joyful visit to Bethlehem. With that imagery, the inspiration behind their decision to follow that star is often lost on us. What did it take for these foreigners to step out into an unknown territory to pay homage to this tiny baby? There is quite an element of trust involved. 

This trust, rooted in an awareness of the ways God was speaking to them, was ultimately followed by a willingness to say yes. The star was both their sign that God was present in their lives and his invitation to boldness. We can dare to hope that the Magi’s trust paid off. That the three kings’ trip to their king was worthwhile. 

Perhaps this is a good time, with the warm feelings of the holidays wearing off, for us to put ourselves in the Magi’s place and be attentive to what the Lord is asking of us this year. The temptation of complacency is always present, but without trusting enough to go into those unknown territories we may never get the opportunity to find ourselves “overjoyed” in front of our King. 

I was recently reflecting on this very theme. With his usual gentle prompting, the Lord seemed to be asking me in what ways I have stepped out in faith and followed paths that seemed to be less than certain. Quite an honest and thought-provoking reflection ensued. The follow-up question then is, “When I do invite you to trustingly follow me, however big or small, will you say yes like the Magi?” 

This week, ponder that question with me. Take it to prayer and ask the Lord what He is inviting you to do with Him this year. It may be something that has been on your heart for a while or possibly a new, slightly thrilling inspiration. Call it a star just like the Magi saw. I pray you have the courage to say yes to whatever the Lord is desiring. Know that however winding that road may be, it will lead, just like the Magi’s path, to the feet of Jesus.

By Maddie Garcia


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