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Easter Sunday - Cycle B

Mark 16:1-7

"Very early when the sun had risen, on the first day of the week, they came to the tomb." (Mark 16:2)

I have carried the theme of Jesus’ wedded love for us going into this Easter Triduum. Receiving the reminders that all Jesus has done and is doing during this time is about Him giving His whole heart for us, preparing us to be reunited with God the Father, and inviting us to be with Him till the end and receive this unfathomable outpouring of love and mercy. 

In our Gospel we know the time of rest and waiting is over. The time of separation and being without is finished. Jesus has arisen, seemingly hidden, but waiting to be discovered by the women at the tomb. These women had been with Him at the cross, till His final breath had been given out. They had followed Him, in love, to the tomb. They waited in obedience; who knows the thoughts or prayers that were whispered and cried aloud on that Saturday. Finally, even with questions in their hearts, yet knowing the right thing to do was to continue to love Him, they went out to anoint his body. 

Their simple gesture and open hearts reveals a courageous love, a willingness to go back to the place of death, putting them in exactly the right place to receive the wondrous news of the Resurrection: the Jesus they seek, “the crucified,” is gone. The one whom they loved, Love itself, is alive! The Bridegroom, who has prepared the way for the Bride to be united and live again. 

From a liturgy I attended on Friday, speaking of Christ emerging from the tomb as a “bride from her bridal chamber”, reinforces this celebration as our great wedding feast. He has given Himself totally over for us, inviting us to receive Him and follow Him in simple love and obedience. I pray He makes us, the church and each of us individually, worthy brides to receive His whole self and give of our whole selves to Him this Easter Day!



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